About Vivek Maskara!

Vivek Maskara

I completed my BTech in Software Engineering from Delhi Technological University. I develop apps, create websites and blog about my app experiences. So far I’ve worked on many apps for these platforms, on all levels – as a single developer during late night hours and weekends, as a freelancer, and as a part of well-organized teams. When I was a kid I enjoyed collecting postage stamps and old coins. As I grew up I found an interest in reading fictional novels. You could check out my bookshelf here.

I enjoy writing code, developing apps and creating websites. Java was the first programming language I learned and I still prefer it over the other languages with which I am familiar ie C, C++ and C#. As far as web development is concerned, I prefer working in the back-end ie managing databases and making web services. Have a look at my resume here.

I also participated in the Wikimedia Prague pre-hackthon and Wikimedia Vienna hackathon as part of the Commons App team.

Check out my first Android app here.