How to Cook Delicious Vegetable Upma in 10 minutes

Recently I cooked vegetable upma for my breakfast and surprisingly it turned out to be quite good. So I decided to share the simple recipe that you can try if you are craving some delicious Indian breakfast.

Step 1: Roast Semolina

Roast semolina flour on a medium flame till it turns golden.

Roast till it turns golden

Step 2: Saute Vegetables

Take a spoon full of cooking oil and put it in a pan. Add black mustard seeds and once they start popping add chopped onions to it. Add some salt and chili to the pan and stir it. Next, add other vegetables like chopped tomato, carrot, beans and green peas and saute the vegetables till they turn a bit soft.

Add a little bit of turmeric if you want a yellowish look to your upma.

You can add a little bit of water so that the vegetables cook well.

Step 3: Add Roasted Semolina

Add roasted semolina to the sauteed vegetables and fix them well. Stir it for a minute.

Step 4: Add Water

Add 2 cups of water to the mixture(basically the quantity of water should be double of semolina) and stir it well till the semolina soaks all the water.

Keep stirring the mixture until all the water has dried.

Step 5: Devour it

Your delicious upma is ready. You can squeeze a little bit of lemon and garnish it with coriander leaves if you wish.

That’s all folks. Enjoy your upma. 🙂

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