Prior to joining ASU, I worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Zeta, Directi with the Express payments division for over 3 years. I got exposed to various technologies while working at Zeta. I built an end to end payment solution using NFC stickers which contributes to 1 million+ monthly transactions. The project taught me about the memory structure, authentication mechanisms, NDEF message protocol and programming using APDU command while interfacing Android and Windows devices with the NFC chips. I was later able to extend it to deliver an embedded NFC solution with Zeta’s prepaid RuPay and MasterCard solutions.

When we forayed into the cafeteria payment space, I led the project to build an Android-based ordering system for POS devices integrating the app with a thermal printer and smart card readers. Catering to the cafeteria scenario demands high resilience. I built an entirely offline solution where both the merchant and user can remain offline while making a transaction, bringing the downtime to 0 during server outages.

I worked unaided to fully automate the deployment of Kiosk, self-serve devices bringing down the SLA from 7-10 days to less than 30 minutes by building an Electron-based application that burns the Raspbian OS and modifies the boot sequence to configure the device on first boot. The firm recognized my efforts, and I was one of the two employees in the organization to be rated as a stellar performer, the highest awarded rating. My experience at Zeta has instilled me with the confidence to tackle any problem even during a high-pressure situation. 

I also built a couple of merchant facing products for digital cafeteria experience. Worked with several Javascript frameworks such as Vue JS and React JS, CSS preprocessors such as Sass and LESS and automation tools like Gulp, Grunt, and Webpack.