How to make a Peri Peri Potato Rice Bowl Burrito

I recently moved to the states and realized that the only way to survive as a vegetarian is to cook for yourself. So I have braced myself for the challenge and my daily routine now includes 3 sets of cooking and dishwashing.

Yesterday I decided to try something new for lunch. 3 hours and a couple of cuts later, I managed to cook some delicious peri-peri potato rice bowl.

Here’s how you can make a bowl of a potato burrito bowl.

Step 1: Boil Black Beans

Take a cup of black beans and 2–3 cups of water and pressure cook it for an hour. You can also add some salt to the water to fasten the process.

Boiled black beans

Step 2: Steam Rice

Next, steam white rice for your burrito. No special tricks here.

Step 3: Boil Corn

Take corn kernels and boil it in water until they become soft. It usually takes 10–12 minutes on a medium flame.

Boiled corn

Step 4: Prepare Salsa

For this burrito, I will use a simple salsa made of just chopped onions and tomatoes. Half of a medium-sized onion and a small-sized tomato should be enough for your burrito bowl.

Onion Tomato Salsa

Step 5: Fry potato croutons

Take some cooking oil and fry frozen potato croutons in it. You need to fry it for 8–10 minutes until they turn golden brown. You can add some red chili and other spices to add flavor.

Step 6: Saute Black Beans

Take some cooking oil and saute boiled black beans in it. Add some salt and red chili for flavor. You can saute it with some other spices according to your taste.

Step 7: Mix everything

Take steamed rice as the base and add all the stuff to it.

  • Salsa on the side
  • Spread black beans on the top
  • Sprinkle fried potato croutons on the rice
  • Sprinkle boiled corn kernels on it
  • Add chopped bell peppers
  • Add chopped coriander for garnishing
  • Add cut jalapeños on the top
  • Add some yogurt or sour cream on the top

Step 8: Enjoy

That’s it. Your delicious peri-peri rice bowl burrito is ready to be devoured.

Burrito rice bowl

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